At Formula, we design and manufacture hubs, rims, spokes and skewers for many high profile clients in the industry around the globe. Since the establishment in 1994, we continue to innovate with products that are crafted with the most precision and dedicated research for perfection to achieve our one and only goal: Quality With Heart.

We offer wide range of products to satisfy every possible need of customers because we truly believe that high quality components make high end bicycles, which is turn gives consumers a high quality ride. Our mission is not to offer mass production with low price, but to expand quality to every bicycles with a reasonable value as we always have.

Hub is the heart of wheel, which is one of the most important aspects to a quality and durable ride. At Formula, we begin with obsession designing strong and long-lasting hubs that are easy to maintain, even free of replacement. The manufacturing technology advances exponentially, and technology to utilize materal and techniques for the best possible result, Because of this dedication, Formula components are industry renowned quality, reliability, and affordability.